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Thonet chair without armrests

Siediti al sole. Abdica e sii re di te stesso

Fernando Pessoa, Una sola moltitudine, 1979

The history of the chair-icon in curved wood, simple and elegant, light and sturdy, begins with the work of the Austro-Hungarian cabinetmaker and carpenter Michael Thonet who, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, opened his first workshop on the left banks of the Rhine.

It was in 1859 that Thonet perfected the design and experimented with an innovative technique thanks to which, with steam, the wood was softened and the desired curvature was given. It was with the chair n.14, the so-called “Vienna Coffee House Chair” in solid beech wood, that the cabinetmaker achieved international fame in 1859. His production was based on a modular principle, in fact the chair was delivered to customers disassembled into its individual parts in a space-saving way.

The chair model exhibited here, the Hermann Czech, was designed for Gebrüder Thonet Vienna in 1994, by the Viennese designer of the same name.

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Dimensions: 41,7 x 53 x 84,8 cm

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