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“Vivai Del Sud” ceramic lamp complete with lampshade

Com’è grande il mondo alla luce delle lampade, e come è piccolo agli occhi del ricordo.

Charles Baudelaire, Il viaggio, 1857

Three brothers, Piero, Giorgio and Gianfranco Di Pierri, originally from Puglia, founded in Rome in the 1950s a studio specialized in landscape gardening, recomposition of the territory, restoration of large historical parks. At the end of the 60s Vivai del Sud consolidated its position with integrated architecture companies with a position in the excellence of design and in the production of furniture and furnishings through its own factories in Italy and, strategically linked to the product, in Senegal, Brazil and the Philippines. . In a short time, after the successful reinterpretations of gardens, terraces and streets in our country, they landed in New York and the gardens of the Arab Emirates and became the emblem of the capital’s nouvelle vague everywhere. In the mid-70s, despite the economic crisis, they began to deal with furniture items, focusing everything on the one-off, expensive, exclusive piece. And the success continues. Thus they come to deal with publishing, financing architectural and non-architectural magazines and printing precious volumes of poems. But their main interest remains the furnishings and furniture that arise from a vast creative and stylistic commitment, with a great deal of originality and love for detail, for the execution and for the choice of materials and their shapes.

Product details
: Vivai del Sud
Dimensions: 30 W x 46 H x 15 D

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