60’s bamboo magazine holder

…io vendo rime vita e versi,
e mi alzai e mi scolai una nuova lattina di birra
e guardai le cinque RIVISTE con il mio nome in copertina
e mi chiesi cosa significasse,
mi chiesi se scriviamo poesie o se stiamo tutti ammucchiati
in una grande tenda
Charles Bukowski, Mi vengono a trovare un editore e un poeta, 1962

Did you know that bamboo is good for you?

  • since it grows quickly and spontaneously, autonomously, and above all abundantly, it can be harvested annually and in a non-destructive way.
  • a bamboo forest is able to capture up to 17 tons of carbon per hectare per year thanks to the abundant and perennial leaf surface;
  • has a strong ability to counteract air and soil pollution: with its roots, bamboo transforms pollutants (including nitrogen) into biomass;
  • it is ideal for the consolidation and reforestation of land, in fact, thanks to its roots formed by rhizomes and rootlets that do not weigh down the ground, it prevents landslides and landslides
  • has an excellent ability to retain water, thus avoiding, in the event of heavy rain, dangerous swellings of streams and rivers.
  • it boasts a remarkable resistance to fires: in its green state it is hardly combustible and even if its aerial part is burned and its rhizomatous character guarantees it the ability to regenerate new reeds every year;
  • it is an excellent natural barrier against dust, windbreak and anti-noise.

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Dimensions: 50 x 40 x 50cm

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