Site Transitorie is a work of art, immersed in the Sienese clay between the localities of Leonina and Mucigliani, in the municipality of Asciano, an ancient Etruscan center in the province of Siena.

In 1993 the French artist Jean-Paul Philippe created this stone sculpture, consisting of a seat that welcomes the traveler and a large window inside which the sunlight is concentrated during the sunset on the occasion of the summer solstice. . That day the sun sets framed inside the large stone window, creating an incredible spectacle.

The French artist, born in Altfortville in 1944, lives and works between Paris and Tuscany. His link with Italy was born at a very young age, thanks to a trip with his brother, where he discovered the great Italian museums and in 1961 he had the extraordinary opportunity to study and work in Florence at the Uffizi Gallery. In 1973 a friend invited him to visit the marble quarries of Carrara. And sculpture becomes the privileged means of his work.

Of Site Transitorie he says: “The peculiarity of the place, the alchemy between the earth, the air and the stones placed in that unique nature have ensured that many travelers and frequent visitors of this territory were sensitive and attentive to this mineral presence. , which blends with clay, narrating a motionless journey night and day “.