Bamboo furniture with glass shelves

I libri, loro non ti abbandonano mai. Tu sicuramente li abbandoni di tanto in tanto, i libri, magari li tradisci anche, loro invece non ti voltano mai le spalle: nel più completo silenzio e con immensa umiltà, loro ti aspettano sullo SCAFFALE.
Amos OZ, Una storia di amore e di tenebra, 2002

Bamboo is a natural material of high strength and durability. Green material, it is currently promoted by many designers as the ideal material in furniture design. Bamboo furniture can be divided into two categories: those whose structure, or frame, is made of bamboo; those entirely made of this material. They all have this feature in common: rationality in the aesthetics and technical feasibility of the structure.

Bamboo furniture became very popular in England in the mid-nineteenth century, when families once stationed in the tropics and in Asian countries returned with their furnishings. From that moment to today, with this unusual and robust material, design objects with a comfortable and welcoming taste, at the same time essential and light, and furniture that offer a warm and natural sensory experience have been produced.

Product details
Cabinet 1 dimensions: 170 x 79 x 33cm
Cabinet 2 dimensions: 129 x 79 x 33cm
Materials: Bamboo frame, glass shelves

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